• „A happy career is like
    the journey through life:
    Never straightforward,
    completely unique and
    always a bit of an adventure..."

Welcome to HERZ Career Counseling & Coaching!

In our professional lives, the only sure thing is change.

Wether through choice of your own or thrust upon you from elsewhere, change is an inevitable. However, whatever your indiviual circumstances, you should seize the opportunities that these changes bring around.

This is exactly where I come in: I will help you to identify these opportunitites and how to use them to your advantage. I will guide and accompany you through periods of change, be it professional or personal. Empathy and clear focus on your particular circumstances help me to set realistic, concrete goals.

As a Career Counselor and Professional Coach for Luxembourg and the “Grande Region”, I help to empower Executives and Non-Executives, employed or self-employed, to consciously shape their career and life choices.

Which stage are you at in your career?

Firstly and very importantly, you need to decide whether you think what I have on offer, is right for you.

I am available to answer any further queries and provide additional information. From there, we could sit down together, look at your individual budget and offer you a bespoke package that fits your needs and uniqueness!

Career Counseling & Coaching

Strategy and know-how for your professional goals


Taking time out to regroup and set your professional and personal objectives

Seminars & Workshops

Food for thought and opportunities to network