• David Kliewer
    „Life is too short, to not enjoy your Job."

Career Counseling

Happy and successful with Career Counseling

Have you come to a professional dead-end? Find your way back onto the right path with the help of a career counseling session.

As a former HR Consultant, Project Manager and HR Executive, I have actively supported many careers.

You will have the benefit of my 10 years and more in Career Counseling & Coaching and distinct knowledge of the labor market. Together we can develop a clear strategy for your career planning and take a big step towards your professional goals.

Individuality is everything in my work: We will work from your current starting position. Together, from there, we will assess what type of help and support you would like.

See for yourself which Topics are popular with my clients:


  • How to build a CV?
  • What application strategy is right for me?
  • Where can I find interesting employers and positions?
  • How do I approach employers?
  • How do I prepare for a job interview?
  • How do I approach the salary question?
  • How to deal with unfortunate or very short episodes on my CV?
  • How should I present myself in a job interview?
  • How do I follow up on applications following an interview?
  • What application rules apply to Luxembourg?
  • How can I open up the so-called “hidden” job market?
  • How do I use Social Media (LinkedIn, Xing etc.) to attain my professional goals?
  • How do I operate targeted networking?


  • What are my strengths?
  • Which job is suited to these strengths?
  • What skills do I bring to the table from previous professional experience?
  • What skills have I developed during professional time-outs e.g. maternity/parental leave, sabbatical etc.?
  • How can I apply these skills and experience in known or new professional activities?
  • How do I find my way returning to the workplace?
  • What steps are necessary to take in order to achieve my new goals?


  • Which avenue is right for me? The professional or managerial route?
  • What are my mid to long-term goals? Are there intermediate goals?
  • What experience do I need in order to reach these objectives?
  • How can I expand my horizons?
  • Which professional and personal competences do I need to build upon? What is the best way for me to do this?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of an internal change for me personally?
  • How can I promote my career internally?


  • How do I deal with a professional crisis e.g. dismissal from work?
  • How do I find pleasure in a new activity?
  • If necessary, how can I use this crisis to open up new fields?
  • What marketing may I use?
  • What are the next steps to take for a return to the workplace of ar career Change?


  • How do I run successful Feedback sessions?
  • How do I communicate as an executive to my staff?
  • How do I confront a member of staff/colleague?
  • During a job interview, how do I present myself in a favourable light? How do I answer questions concerning my strengths as well as my weaknesses?